Me and Emilio decided to start up a Blog. We wanted one we could do whatever with. We’ll leave this one to stay STK related. The SexyTimeKids one will still be here. so check em both out.


went for a nice little bike ride with brian dave and justin. left brians, in-n-out, pit stop at chevron for some gas station nachos, automall, got pulled over on our bikecycles, exploring through some new neighborhood, kohls to play with cameras, then sat on my handlebars and rode backwards 2.5 miles back to brians house.  awesome.

*edit* brian beat me to it.  -__-

Bein bad asses…at least elk grove PD thinks so cause they blurped us. I ran to the park did some skating wit Dave. Irene ran around wit Dave’s niece. Dave took some sweet pictures of me. Then Emilio and Justin met up later and we smashed Elk Grove on our bikes & solicited I mean loitered in front of chevron haha. Fun night.

i want to go to this event so bad.  ive always wanted to go to a long beach event ever since they started having it there  but always had some reason why i couldnt go.. theres going to be so many fucking awesome cars this year.  matt powers,  tommy roberts, mike essas v10 3 series bimmer, conrad grunwalds camaro,  robbie nishidas r35 gtr,  mad mikes rx8, dai’s v8 rocketbunny kitted s13,  taka aonos beast ae86.  damn.. im tempted.  who is down? lol

casual day today. emilio summed it up in the last post. Kim wanted to post a few pics so here they are.

weird 3D lookin photo by kim

drove brian to get some tires mounted, warshed the longchamps, warshed some cars, swapped lenses with brian played with his 50mm 1.8 while his camera got to sit and look stupid with my suckass 18-55, fucked around taking pictures at night, realized my built in flash settings arent as cool as brians.. and thats about it.

some more stuff for sale…more to come too.

email me for questions or whatever.

1989 240sx
Rebuilt Head Fresh seals and Fluids
KTS Coilovers
Powered by Max Ruckas
Welded Diff.
Shaved rear 3rd brake light.
Rims not included but are for sale
Asking $2500


Cant sleep. So cruised the interwebs and found a cool macro trick…thought id try it out haha.closercloserbeast

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